The Igor Hofbauer book INSPEKTOR GÜRTEL is available 24/7 until the 19th of October at Kabinett in MQ, Vienna. Afterwards, we will have the book with us on TONTO Comics tables for the rest of the year, so there are other places to get it as well.

In 2015, I invited Igor to stay in Vienna for one month as part of the Kabinett residency at quartier 21, MQ. This summer, the Comics story coming out of this stay was on sale in our vending machine from July until October. I also did some editing on the book as well as ‘designing’ the covers using Igor’s existing drawings (if you can call this design already).

In fatter news, Igor’s new book MISTER MORGEN has come out from L’Association and will arrive in a bit from Conundrum Press in Canada as a English language edition (with crisp translation by Nina Bunjevac!).



TONTO is part of Serbian NOVA music and art festival, happening in Pancevo, Belgrade and Kovin. Our show opens on the 13th of October and takes place at Galerija Milorada Bate Mihailovica on Zarka Zrenjanina in Pancevo.

I will have copies of SUITE : RADIATION for sale as well as the drawings that went into it, along with the SCRAM sequence. TONTOs Edda, Helmut and Michael have a huge stock of work on display, so drop by if you happen to be in the area.


I will be at Vienna Comix on the 9th of October at the Pictopia table, drawing in our recent Tonto books like ELEPHANT and SUITE : RADIATION, as well as some of the Kabinett books I’m in – starting at 2pm going on until 4pm this Sunday.



TONTO: ELEPHANTS has been released a short time ago and it’s the first 24 page book coming out of the “Bohren in Welt” drawing meetings held every year in Graz at Forum Stadtpark. This year, it happened for the third time (with some additional meetings in-between the bigger ones) and ELEPHANTS is printed matter stemming from the second effort in 2015. You can read up on who took part and see a lot of pictures on the workings, plus other details HERE, as well as see the 2016 version HERE on the TONTO website. (Cover image by Igor Hofbauer)

We want to do these meetings every year to produce shorter publications more quickly in-between larger ones, like ONCE UPON or NOISE. Below are some of my panels made last year and some early arrangements that we didn’t end up using – only a few of the 900+ images created by all the drawers in the 2015 ‘Bohren 2″ meeting.




We as TONTO are part of the Comic group show ‘ANIMAL COLLECTIVE’ at CentroCentro in Madrid, Spain. The show is organized by publishers Fulgencio Pimentel, inviting a large set of international Comics groups, among them our friends Kus, KutiKuti, Ediciones Valientes, Stripburger and Frmk. I have the ‘SCRAM’ sequence on view there, next to works by all of the Tonto members.

The show opened on the 29th of September and will be on until the 29th of January 2017.

You can see some of our books on display as well and there will be a workshop held by Michael Jordan starting on the 12th of November.


SPAIN addition: I was in Barcelona earlier this year for GUTTER FEST 2016, repping myself, TONTO and KABINETT. On board was Burn Bjoern of Soybot and I went back home with a empty book case, thanks Spain!



SUITE : RADIATION is a 40 page companion book to TONTO #13: NOISE I drew back in 2012, some months after we published it. Most of it’s motives comes directly from the original book and reshape ‘Noise’ into a different color scheme of black/white/grey. S : R is meant to be read along ‘Noise’ and add to the viewing experience in a stripped down, experimental manner. It is available in a small edition directly thru us and on the occasion of Comics Festivals and fairs thru out the year for 5€.

You can see how the covers of the books come together, as well as a couple of preview pages below:






You can catch some of our recent TONTO and KABINETT Comics like SUITE : RADIATION and ELEPHANTS at KOMA COMICS festival this weekend in Brno. The book market is open until Sunday and I will also have a short talk about TONTO and it’s history, starting at 7pm tonite.