HELLOs in the WOODs

Hey everybody and welcome to my Drawing and Illustration BLOG! I’m Glad you are here! For the goings-on, I will be showing a mix of Drawings and Illustration projects, both in development and finished, as well as additional Info on everything happening & News concerning upcoming shows I’m partaking in or ones that I curate.

That’s the official part. The other thing that will take place is irregular collaborations with artists and writers I am close with, using the BLOG form to show seasonal, joined works in a string of posts. I hope this will be an organic progression, branching out to different areas: Sometimes more straight, sometimes more fuzzy in how the ideas are worked out. Anyhow, the most fitting way for me to do this, is to give space for experiments in both the work and it’s presentation & to stay open for a change of rhythm and shapes in posting.

Next to all that, I hope that everything happening here, will keep itself on the humorous side of things and not trail off into dead serious art talk. I also hope your watching/reading time spent here will be enjoyable and a fun ride. Thanks for checking in, Simon.


7 thoughts on “HELLOs in the WOODs

  1. uuuuh! another blog I will check frequently! Thank you Simon! Best regards from a different wood – Großstadtjungle Shanghai*

  2. hallo Simon, toll deine “News”! Vorallem die Bilder für die Gallerie in Kassel gefallen uns sehr gut!


    Carrie: THANKS sister! I’m glad as well to have an outlet again.

    makah: :) HA cool! I’d love to come around and visit YOU!

    gluefingers: THANKS for your visit! I will – I hope you stick around.

    R+M: DANKE, DANKE! Freut mich sehr!

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