Two drawings that got stolen along with some other ones, I didn’t have a chance to take fotos or scans of. The large format was originally part of a set of screenprints, that the TONTO COMICS crew under Edda Strobl, had planned to produce for a show at the steirischer:altweibersommer events in September. We ended up making the VON EINEM SHIFF AUS GESEHEN screenprinted book, filled with other work and the drawing wasn’t used. Oh well, what can you do…


2 thoughts on “LOST GOODS

  1. Hey! Yeah, I’m pretty bummed… at least I got a good foto. Someone took a nondescript plastic bag that had some other blank paper in it, as well as these two drawings, while I had somebody watch it. What do you know, next time I’m going for Samsonite again ;)

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