On Friday the 16. of December, the first INDIE COMIC EXPO will happen at the Bilderbox at Kirchengasse 40 in the 7. district. Starting in the early afternoon, we will present a select overview of this years rather vast list of publications from Austrian Comic makers, including spotlights on the latest releases and a reading by Frajo from his latest book, 1160 Ottakring.

From 4.30 to 6.00 PM, I will sit and sign my new book SHADOW SHOW, which will also be a chance to get it’s special edition with a handdrawn cover. Beware though, it’s a 20 page Comic and not a GGNM (Ginormous Graphic Novel Monster)… Hope you can make it in this crazy x-mas time and have some drinks and snacks with us!


UPDATE: Here you can see what the limited edition (25 pieces of the edition of 100) with a handrawn sketch cover and personal drawing will look like. See ya!


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