Hey everyone! I’m glad to announce, that this year will see a number of Comics related things coming out from me. Let’s start with the Web shall we?

– Coming in late March, I will have my first Web Comic thing out, called DOT DOT DOT – SHORTS AND BITS. For now, it will be published in weekly installments on my Blog, right here. The runtime will be around a year, until somewhere around March 2013. The setting is based on DotDotDot’s explorations, entertainment and silliness. It will be told through short narrative blurbs and slabs of sketchy drawings, coming from a stream of consciousness way of working. Which is actually the way I found to function best for me as well as the DotDotDot character’s world. It’s the first DDD related drawing I did in half a year and I’m looking forward to do more with it. Above you can see the “cover” of said thing and some sketch to go.

– I’m also happy to tell, that there will be a longer work in straight narrative fashion in the fall of 2012, called STORY OF PARENT AND CHILD. News on an exact publishing date and form is to follow sometime in summer – for the while, here is the first colored (!) promo drawing on it and a sketch.

– As of March 12, the new issue of KUSH – SEA STORIES will be out, I hereby report, that I have a 7 page story in it. It’s about two drop outs living on a secluded beach town at off season …that maybe lasts forever. You can get it here! KUSH is a higly recommended Comics anthology from Riga, bringing a lot of people together thru hard work and good spirit – and all that way before they won the Angouleme thing this year – congrats again!!


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