ROT show & NEXT festival 2012

The ComicKunst 4 show at gallery Maerz has closed on Sunday the 18th and with it my part, ROT – here are some of the drawings from there. First off, two small ones from the DESTRUCTION EVERY DAY series: “Ain’t it always that way?” & “New Heat.”

Following are two of the large format ink paintings, both 1m by 1,40m in size: “DAMPFER” & “WHAT’S BEEN AND WHATS DONE” I have yet to do propper repro photography, but click the ones below for a larger version please.

Me, doing some last adjustments to the framed SHADOW SHOW “pages” and drawings. Linz was rad over all: Great shows by the SPRING collective out of Hamburg/Berlin/Germany at OÖ Kunstraum. Home Sweet Home at the Salzamt, with many amazing works from German artists and a selection of Nigel Peake’s beautiful originals. Aisha Franz kicked ass at the KAPU with her show WELCOME TO MIAMI – and Sorina, Aisha and I did some DJing and exploded heads/hearts on Saturday with good tunes. Maybe, I’ll get around to draw some of the things that happened, let’s see.

Tonto’s BOHREN IN WELT was also featured at the OK Center. Let’s hope that next year, the OK will open it’s doors to become the full slated Festival center, hosting more shows of the Festival and giving it even more space.

If I sound like someone who gives nonstop applause here, it’s because I really enjoyed all the stuff I saw and experienced – No critical substance, sorry! NATCH!


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