Some of the narrative drawing pieces, done for the RADAR show in Poznan/Poland at the 3rd LIGATURA Festival. We (TONTO Comics + UNKRAUT Comics, along the works of Heinz Wolf, Thomas Kriebaum, Michael Hacker and Nicolas Mahler) were on site to check everything out, show our mugs and also represent for the Austrian artists and Comics scene. All in firm and serious manouver of course. Please click for better readability.

Below is the exhibition poster by TONTO’s Helmut Kaplan, taken from the Huntress Hole story in the NORDPOL book. There is a catalog for the show, with many of the works from us – you can read up on the introduction essay, with this entry on the UNKRAUT COMICS PAGE, if you dig German, that is.

The Hallowed Halls of Comicdom! In Poland, they know how to treat artists! Austria, take a gander at that, will ya?

The opening reception, with some of the invited artists and bearers of prices on board: Bart Nijstad, who presented his outstanding Mukken book, Matei Branea and many of the very friendly Ligatura crew around Anna Souska and Michal Slomka. Good to see you guys!

Part of the show was to present the new Tonto book #13 NOISE, which we got fresh from the printers. Above are some of the pages of the book, including work by Igor Hofbauer, Pakito Bolino, Norbert Gmeindl, Kai Pfeiffer, Helmut Kaplan and me. The new book also marks our collaboration with German publisher AVANT VERLAG, which will handle German/Swiss distribution and press, which we’re very pleased with. Here’s a snap of the cover:

The britsh delegation stormed the festival with unseen presence and very exalting works at hand: Rose Robbins had the fabulous DOG COMICS collection with her and presented her new book at the pitching. Actually naming everyone of the group and their work, would bust the frames of this post even further, but rest assured, you’ll hear more from these folks VERY soon. You could check the NOBROW organized ELCAF fest in June for example.

Friends KUS! were there as well of course – here having a cigarette with Madam Anke Feuchtenberger who showed beautiful, large charcoal drawings at the festival – It was good hangin out with David, Sanita and the lot again. Zapikanka and all for the flavor! Here’s some party buzz, we talk fast!

The whole Programm, in English, HERE.


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