SimonH-Bolognato2-13 SimonH-Bolognato3-13 SimonH-Bolognato4-13

Up top are some of the drawings/sketches maybe recapping my/our time at this year’s fabulous BIL BOL BUL Festival under the title BOLOGNATO. Mostly loose associations from stuff a seen on the street, except for the bottom one. This is a reminder that TONTO is showing until the 10th of March at Ono Arte Contemporanea under the title SE – ALLORA / WENN – DANN. Find more info: HERE.

BBB is a great experience, both as a visitor and as a contributor. BIG thanks to organizers Hamelin and Canicola as well as all the friendly and professional staff. Meeting everyone was a pleasure: Davide Catania of Retina Comics, Michelangelo Setola, Berliac, Andrea Bruno and our German buddies Pfeiffer & Lust, Franz, Martineck, Wagenbreth, Banerjee & Ernstsen as well as Manuele Fior.


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