TONTO: ELEPHANTS has been released a short time ago and it’s the first 24 page book coming out of the “Bohren in Welt” drawing meetings held every year in Graz at Forum Stadtpark. This year, it happened for the third time (with some additional meetings in-between the bigger ones) and ELEPHANTS is printed matter stemming from the second effort in 2015. You can read up on who took part and see a lot of pictures on the workings, plus other details HERE, as well as see the 2016 version HERE on the TONTO website. (Cover image by Igor Hofbauer)

We want to do these meetings every year to produce shorter publications more quickly in-between larger ones, like ONCE UPON or NOISE. Below are some of my panels made last year and some early arrangements that we didn’t end up using – only a few of the 900+ images created by all the drawers in the 2015 ‘Bohren 2″ meeting.



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